Events & Fundraisers

The Ethical Society Nursery School holds multiple fundraising events each year.

Fall Events: In the fall we try to have some community events for families to get to know each other and connect. We have a Back to School Night, Movie Night and Picnics on the Playground.

Spring Events: We have an annual Art Gallery Opening, usually in March. The children all learn about different artists and emulate their work which culminates in an Art Gallery Opening for families and friends

Spring Carnival is a fun family friendly event. There are games, snacks, and activities for the kids. The carnival does not forget about the adults. The committee organizes a great auction as well. All profits from the carnival benefit the school.

Picnics on the Playground continue in the warm spring months. You can join other families after dismissal for a picnic.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our yearly events!

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